Our Services

Recovery Connections of Maine was created to provide individualized care for each person that comes through our doors. We seek to help individuals see themselves as the person that they are not for the symptoms of addiction that may have driven decision making. We see addiction as being the solution to an underlying issue. We believe there is a strong connection between trauma and substance use disorder. The following is the services that we provide

Assessment – The first step in the treatment process here is that we will complete a biopsychosocial assessment that will give us a picture of the history of the person seeking treatment. Often times we will look to speak to a family member or a person that is concerned with the person. Once the assessment is complete and intake staff can make an accurate diagnosis we will look to connect the person to one of our treatment programs. If a person is diagnosed with an opioid use disorder they will be referred to either Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner or a Medical Doctor that work collaboratively with our program to provide Medication Assisted Treatment if needed. Placement in any of our programs  is based on the American Society of Addiction Medicine criteria. In other words because we have an Intensive Outpatient Program does not mean that you will be required to participate. It is strictly about the severity of a person’s substance use disorder that will determine the placement in treatment.

Medical Services – Recovery Connections of Maine works collaboratively and in conjunction with medical providers that come into our office and accept referrals for Medicated Assisted Treatment. A person from our team will assist the medical provider in scheduling and answer any questions that you may have. This means that upon assessment if you meet criteria we will make a referral for you to the provider that has availability. We will require a signed release that will allow us to communicate with your provider to offer the best available care possible.

Intensive Outpatient Program-  Recovery Connections of Maine uses the Matrix Model for our Intensive Outpatient Program. It is evidenced based curriculum designed by The Matrix Institute.  This program is 3 hours a day 5 days a week. The hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The program features art, alternative expression, and bio psycho educational lectures. Each week there is an opportunity for family and loved ones to come in and learn about how to support a participant as well as how to take an active role in their own healing process. The Intensive Outpatient Program also offers weekly individual check ins to ensure a person is getting their needs met. The intensive outpatient program give a person an opportunity to gain structure and stability in their lives. It offers a caring supportive and accountable environment to help assist a person in growth and understanding in their own lives.

Individual Counseling –  Individual counseling is offered to all people that come to Recovery Connections of Maine. The individual counselor will work with you on an individualized plan of care that will be the goals that the person would like to work on. This could include vocational goals, relationship building, building sober support or anything that the person feels will help improve the quality of their lives.

Group Counseling – Group counseling is a very important piece to the recovery process at Recovery Connections of Maine. We offer groups that are manageable and counselors that are experienced in group facilitation. We have many groups that are individualized such as a women’s group, men’s group, art group, and many more. We believe that the most effective treatment of trauma is connection with others so we try to ensure our groups are all inclusive.

Driver Education and Evaluation Programs – We are a DEEP certified agency. That means that we can complete evaluations and treatment for individuals that have had an operating under the influence or are mandated by the DMV to complete services. We can only complete these services for you if you have registered with the DEEP office and have paid them in full $300.00